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Medical Coding Service

Medimaxsol are Providing Complete medical coding services with comprehensive command over ICD and CPT codes and modifiers. Our medical billing and medical coding for physicians is imbued in the process optimization with an accurate transcription of diagnosis and the procedures performed.
Receiving appropriate payment for medical services rendered is a challenge for today’s healthcare providers. With higher numbers of self-pay patients and the increasing complexities of legislative mandates, your practice is at a greater risk for repeated denials, revenue shortfalls and compliance issues. Without dedicated specialists to help manage the process and work with physicians to ensure accurate documentation, maintaining and growing a healthy, profitable practice can be a significant challenge. Accurate, thorough medical coding is simply a must-have for modern, successful healthcare practices.

Why Choose Medimaxsol Medical Coding Services?

Being one of the reliable coding consultant companies, Medimaxsol extends complete medical coding services. We offer ensuing solutions:
> Our team of experts assist you in maximizing revenue collections, which in return increase reimbursements significantly.
> We are a group of certified coders with years of expertise and skills.
> Medimaxsol acknowledges the importance of accurate coding in the submission of error-free claims. Our teams take every measure to ensure there are minimal denials & refusals.
At Medimaxsol, our medical coding professionals make sure that the providers receive timely updates.

Medical Coding Services For Physicians

Medical coding is the process of accurately transcribing the clinical data, diagnosis, and procedures performed into codes. Medical coding services companies like Medimaxsol provide coding for practices enabling them to complete the billing cycle and collections.

Coding Audits

Coding audits are a way of ensuring that the billing codes are accurate and have been used in compliance with the latest coding guidelines, and regulatory requirements. Medimaxsol’s team of expert coders look for irregularities and double-check the accuracy with clearinghouses.

CPT & ICD Coding

Accurate transcribing of CPT codes is essential as it tells the payers that what clinical procedures were performed and ICD codes testify it with a transcription of the diagnosis. The alliance within the coding is a must to make a strong payment claim.

The MEDIMAXSOL Advantage

Outsourcing your medical coding services to MEDIMAXSOL enables you to optimize your revenue while reducing compliance risks. We are experts at radiology medical billing and coding for physicians practicing in complex, highvolume hospital settings. Our team and our proprietary workflow technology will improve your practice finances by reducing lag days, streamlining claims submission and lessening the time and cost burden of administrative tasks.
Our comprehensive coding services are available as part of our full medical billing services or as a standalone service for organizations managing their own billing. Our closed-loop process is seamlessly integrated with your billing system to ensure the highest degree of data integrity. We also match coders to your operations on a specialty or sub-specialty level as an extension of your practice.
At Medimaxsol, skilled and professional teams are on board to provide you with the best medical coding services. We ensure accurate and error-free submissions, therefore, our professional coders follow quality standards to make sure your coding is done to perfection.

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