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Medical Credentialing Service

Medimaxsol’s Credentialing Service is a crucial step to avoid delayed submission of healthcare claims, crossing filing limits, wastage of time and loss of revenue. Credentialing process is managed by our experienced team that help you navigate the process of provider enrollment and MD credentialing.
Credentialing and Contracting are the basis of starting a clinic or healthcare facility. They also lay the root for your relationships with insurance companies as well as patients. It is an important part of enrolling in an insurance company’s preferred provider network. With the help of Medimaxsol credentialing services you will be in these networks with contracts that will benefits you. This will increase patient care and satisfaction as well as your revenue.

Our Medical Credentialing Services Include:
Credentialing & Re-credentialing

We ensure the credentials received from the practitioner are utterly accurate and review them periodically for added verification.

Dedicated Team

A team that completes the credentialing details and submits it to commercial Insurances, Medicare and Medicaid, as requested by healthcare physicians.

Crucial Follow Ups

Our medical billing and credentialing services ensure that all follow-ups are performed properly for a smooth enrollment.

Contracting Issues & Data Integrity

We resolve contracting issues and maintain data integrity through audits.


Medical credentialing is important because the process offers patients a chance to confidently trust their selected physicians. It means providers are vetted for their education, degrees, work history, behavior, and other legalities before they become part of a payer network. Similarly, before a provider joins an organization, hospital, or surgery center, their documents and degrees are verified by a credentialing entity.
Often discussed along with medical credentialing is the process of enrollment. It is the process of applying to the insurance network to be included in their panel of providers.
The providers credentialing process is completed by verifying all of a provider’s documents to ensure that they are valid and current. These include their medical license, malpractice insurance, and DEA. Additional information necessary to complete credentialing:
> Medical School information
> Internship/Residency/Fellowship’s Information
> Board Certifications
> Provider’s CV
Medimaxsol Credentialing services, we can assist you with provider enrollment and becoming an in-network provider so that you can receive reimbursements from each carrier. While just a few years ago healthcare professionals considered medical credentialing service “optional” for building a practice, today it has become more necessary than ever for providers to be in-network with insurance companies.
The credentialing team delivers a knowledgeable and comprehensive service to assist you in becoming an in-network provider with the insurance carriers that you want to participate with. We can give you recommendations by performing analysis for your specialty and service area if you need guidance.
As experts in medical provider credentialing, we take on the credentialing process from start to finish. That means that all of the responsibilities that would typically fall on the facility can be completed by the team at Medimaxsol, freeing up your team for more important work. We work with the provider to get the initial application completed, perform the due diligence tasks required of the organization like primary source verification and background screening, and coordinate with payers to support timely approval and expedite provider starts.

Why Choose Medical Billing for Credentialing Services

Credentialing and contracting is the base of starting a practice or healthcare facility, and it lays the foundation for your relationship with insurance companies as well as patients. Medimaxsol is providing credentialing services to various hospitals and healthcare systems. We will obtain and negotiate contracts with insurance payors, as well as taking on the responsibility of making sure your facility or physician’s contracts with insurance carriers are up-to-date.

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