What is a Practice Management System

The ability to keep track of the books is of the utmost importance, no matter the business. However, as the owner of a manufacturing plant, a small restaurant, or a medical practice, accounting may not be your strong suit. You may have years of experience with patient care, but handling billing, scheduling, and coding may still be a foreign practice.
Dealing with billing processes, generating reports, and scheduling patient visits all while keeping patient information private and secure can be a headache for even the most organized office staff. Medical office front desk staff do a heroic job of keeping the schedule full, sending appointment reminders, and verifying insurance.

How Can A Practice Management System Help?

The healthcare industry is often in a state of flux as codes and regulations change from year to year. Health insurance coverage, from employer plans to Medicare to COBRA, is a tangled web all unto itself. With an efficient process in place, these changes can be implemented almost immediately.
As a primary care physician, doctor, or other health care practitioner, your education prepared you for helping patients, not scheduling their appointments. The right Practice Management System helps you save time in the following areas:

Patient Records

Both you and your staff need to quickly access electronic health records, including past visits, health history, current and past medications, and more. That’s just one side of the health care coin, however. Insurance eligibility, scheduling, billing, payment posting, and reporting are also integral components of a healthy medical practice. With a good PM system, you are able to navigate and manage all of these components in one place.

Claims Processing

Speaking of payments, a practice management system generates billing statements and electronic claims based on the care provided. More advanced PM systems will check or ‘scrub’ your claims for quality control before they are submitted to the insurer. If the system utilizes cloud computing, new codes and other information are automatically updated in the system.


Along with organizing patient information, a solid practice management system will also track the health of your clinic. Financial reporting, staff efficiency, outstanding claims, and more. Having a system that takes care of you and your clinic is the only way you can continue to provide care for your patients.
With the right software and training, all aspects of daily office management have become much easier. Billing for different specialties (such as anesthesia or neurosurgery), bookkeeping, scheduling, and more can be automated so you can concentrate on your patients. But the software is only as good as the operator.

Get Help From The Medical Billing Experts at Medimax Solution

Practice Management software is designed to make your life easier, though. When you work with Medimaxsol Services, you and your staff will receive the training you need to streamline medical billing, appointment scheduling, and other aspects of care. We will review your current procedures and see where improvements can be made.
Do you run a smaller health care office and spend as much time with office management as you do with patients? Medimax Solutions can take over the billing, accounts receivable, and even overhaul encounter forms to decrease errors and improve information gathering. We can also improve your fee structure to make sure you’re getting paid appropriately.
Even if you feel your office is running well, there could be areas where improvements will make it even better. If you would like to know more about our practice management systems, set up an initial consultation with Medimaxsol Services. We will review your current procedures and offer recommendations where needed.

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